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Who Is Humanateen

HumanaTeen was launched in 2017 by Izzy McFadden.

It had been a passion of Izzy’s to create an organization that gave back. One that was created by teens for teens. She saw a need. It wasn’t necessarily because there weren’t programs available. It was just much more about the cause, rather than making sure service ours were tallied and turned in – showing on college applications, that teens cared about giving back.


This got her really thinking and believing she could create something more. A concept with causes at the heart of it. She knew she could gather many teens in the community to get started, who also had the heart to serve and be a part of something much bigger than they could even imagine from the start.


Our volunteers are the lifeblood and the promise of things to come for HumanaTeen. This is an organization that is setup to grow beyond generations. In fact we will be soon hosting an event that gets toddler involved in service at a young age, teaching them and instilling values while they are still so impressonable to hopefully grow their worlds.