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Humanateen Sends Insulin To Puerto Rico

Insulin Shortage In Puerto Rico

Hurricane Maria came in swiftly and with no regard for humanity. Humanateen launched quickly and swiftly ahead of schedule with its focus and eyes turned to the devastation and victims in Puerto Rico. We were notified on March 31st that the insulin we raised money for to donate, had made it to Puerto Rico by way of donated Advanced Air Ambulance. The insulin was sent to Professional Hospital in Guaynabo, PR for distribution to those waiting in need.


Our very first project – Insulin to Puerto Rico. At the time of the launch, it had been a month since hurricane Maria hit. The majority of the island still had no power. No power meant that there was nowhere to store insulin – there would be many in need. Supplies had been sitting at airports and docks in the heat. Heat and insulin do not mix, the insulin becomes ineffective!


We got to work! We tasked each of our volunteers, and we began spreading the word – asking for others to support our cause. Within two weeks time, a jet was donated by Advanced Air Ambulance and clearance to reach Puerto Rico was granted to provide relief. Within two weeks we raised $5,000 and sent insulin and supplies on the donated air ambulance to deliver directly to hospitals! This is just the beginning of what we will do to help others.

Thank you to all who donated towards the Insulin Project to Puerto Rico! All of the Insulin and Supplies have made it and are helping those in need! We are teens making an imprint on the world. Join our cause and movement.